The Best Mobile Auto Detailing Service in all L.A. & Orange County!

Allure Detail is the fastest, most efficient and full-service eco-friendly mobile auto detailing company in all of Southern California. Our customers do not lie!  We offer amazing advantages and unsurpassed benefits to car owners like you who demand and deserve supreme quality mobile auto detailing, eco-detailing and protection services. Still not sure?  Well, here’s more why you need to choose us over our mass-production nameless rivals:


ReputationSouthern California’s top car enthusiasts, experts, collectors, auto dealers, and hundreds of honest folks like you use our services exclusively and are never disappointed!  Our detailing technology and cleaning systems are the most advanced, safe and efficient on the market today, providing always the MAXIMUM RESULTS at an affordable cost you deserve. If you want it done right and unsurpassed the first time and every time, then you can depend on our reputation and integrity to make it so!


ConvenienceWe come to you right away without delay and with our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile unit outfitted with every friendly gismo and gadget needed to provide your vehicle the finest and most beautiful professional auto detail service available. Let us take care of your auto detailing, paint correction, and inside-and-out car washing and cleaning needs.  And do so while you are at work or home and busy doing what you have to do.  Convenience, speed and efficiency are not just words we say to you.  It’s who we are and what we do for you!

Superior Products

Auto Detailing ProductsWe are ALLURE DETAIL and we make it our business to continually research and find the most effective and beautifying auto detailing products on the market. We will resuscitate, rejuvenate and restore your car to its original luster and eye-watering impressiveness inside and out.  So much so, it’ll make your head pound wondering “My God, why didn’t I bring my vehicle to these amazing guys a hundred years ago!


GreenAutoDetalingHey, here’s something else that puts us above all the other kids on the block: We provide an exclusive Eco-detailing and eco-sanitizing system that incredibly penetrates deep within the air duct system and fibers of your carpet and upholstery with wondrous results.  It comes with organic, naturally disinfecting oils that kill all bacteria and mildew…thus completely eliminating all unpleasant smells and odors.  We make your car look and smell brand new!