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Professionally trained and certified by reputable industry organizations.

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At Allure Detail we know how to stay ahead of the competition and provide you the best custom auto detailing, cleaning and reconditioning services around.  However, our professional expertise and training don’t easy and isn’t inexpensive.  But this doesn’t matter.  What matters is being the best at what we do and always providing every single customer a topnotch, unsurpassed service perhaps only exceeded by our enthusiasm, zeal and integrity!

So we don’t mind putting in the time and money needed to be the best at what we do.  As trained professionals providing a mobile business and custom auto detailing, cleaning and reconditioning services, it’s imperative we meet key requirements in our profession. These key requirements include:

  • Professionally trained and certified by reputable industry organizations
  • Fully informed about the latest, most effective eco-friendly products and methods
  • Environmentally friendly, so we can provide you the finest service and results possible
  • Undergoing ongoing auto detail training to continuously meet all standards of practice

Back in 2009, all of us at Allure Detail polished our skills and gained new knowledge and familiarity with the latest products in the industry.  And this we continuously do as needed, even on a monthly basis sometimes.  For the industry continues to change and improve, and one should never rest on yesterday’s successes!

We also reevaluate our detailing business to include vehicle reconditioning business as part of what we do. These and other superlative services we now offer have given us new vision. Thus we now find ourselves having become one of the most successful companies in the industry for three years running.

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So our vision is reinforced with the goal of continuing to grow and learn new technology and expertise in the business we do and the outstanding service we love to provide each and every customer throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. It is an expertise and service we can’t wait to provide to you!

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Our Team

Founded in 2006 by Wadner Cortez, ALLURE DETAIL serves happy customers throughout southern California.  We work in-house or bring our highly-trained staff and high-tech equipment to you.  Our mobile service is unequaled when it comes to speed, efficiency, and quality customer service, and serving you on time all the time.

Wadner Cortez

Buff this Shine that.

Wadner founded ALLURE DETAIL, began his career in the car-care and automotive restoration business back when he was only 15 years of age. And from 2006 to the present he has been the captain of his own ship and not looked back.

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